Our Services

Lighting consultation

We come to your place and develop a customised lighting plan that’s on trend and on budget. We provide you recommendation on the ideal lights for your space.

Vastu consultation

A vastu consultation is needed if you wish to bring positivity into your space. We provide cost effective little tricks that help stop negativity and disturbance in the flow of energy  in your space.

3D designing

Are you an architect or a designer in need of assistance for 3D visuals to make your clients understand their layout? Consult us for a quick solution to your 3D needs.

Home automation consultation

Technology has enabled a person to control the entire house with an app.  Explore ideas to make life comfortable and simple. Re-imagine living and create a life style that you would enjoy!

Green and sustainable design consultation

Let’s make the world a better place by involving certain principles in our space such as day lighting, healthy materials, salvaged and recycled materials. Lets create a happy environment and reduce global warming.

CNC service

Need help in making Grooves and engraving on your wood? Want to avoid carpenters taking endless time to make carving on Door frames, partitions wall panes etc. 12 cube studio makes your life easy by bringing your cad drawings to life at the push of a button.